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Men Woes Problems Associated with Shaving

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Men Woes Problems Associated with Shaving- Complete for Men


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Looking to learn more about Men Woes Problems Associated with Shaving? Shaving is an integral part of a man’s daily grooming routine, and thus you may expect it to be as easy and reflexive as, let’s say, tying a shoelace.

But surprisingly, shaving comes with its own set of challenges. Ask any man!

The good news is, these challenges are not really due to poor technique, but mostly due to problems with your shaving tools. For example, a dull razor blade.

Here are some common problems associated with shaving that every man should watch out for, and some tips on how to avoid them. See More

1. Razor Burns

Men Woes Problems Associated with Shaving

If, after shaving, you notice that you have red and irritated skin patches, then you are dealing with razor burns. Razor burns are so named because they can be sensitive, irritating, and painful, especially when you sweat.

Razor burns usually occur because of using a blunt shaver or unconsciously applying too much pressure while using your razor. To avoid razor burns, ensure you’re using a fresh, sharp new razor which simply glides and skims over your skin.

Showering just before you shave will also help as hot water and steam softens your facial hair, making it easier to shave off.

You also need to be generous with your moisturizing shaving cream. And yes, it is shaving cream and not facial soap that you should be using!

Men Woes Problems Associated with Shaving

Also known as folliculitis, this condition infects your hair follicles, especially facial hair. As a result, you end up with red blisters that can also develop pus inside. Think of it as a bad case of infected pimples.

Sometimes, a barber’s rash can be due to ingrown hair. But they are more often caused by staph bacteria that come into contact with your follicles through small cuts and nicks on your face. In most cases, antibiotics are prescribed to manage and treat folliculitis.

To prevent this from happening every time you shave, make sure that you are using a clean, fresh, and sanitized razor. Also, use an antibacterial citrus-based oil on your face before shaving. This is before applying the shaving cream also.

After shaving, don’t forget the aftershave lotion which ensures closing off pores.

3. Nicks

Men Woes Problems Associated with Shaving

These are tiny, barely seen cuts, but they can hurt!

As usual, the key to avoiding these facial paper cuts is to use a new blade and not apply too much pressure when shaving. Try to glide through one area as minimally as possible and be nice to your skin by using shaving cream.

4. Ingrown Hair

Your doctor would refer to this condition as pseudofolliculitis barbae, but irritating and uncomfortable razor bumps are an easier, more apt description.

This is a skin condition that occurs when you shave your hair too close and too short, making your skin bumpy and painful. Often such bumps have a single hair trapped inside it. Ideally, this hair should grow out of the skin; instead, it grows into your skin’s layers.

You can prevent these razor bumps by using a shave brush to apply your shaving cream. Not only does the brush ensure an even coating, but it will also exfoliate your dead skin. Follow a circular motion when using the brush to push the hair out of your face. And of course, a clean and new razor is also a must.


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